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7 Big Mistakes You're Making With Your Air Conditioner

The reasons for causing damage to the air conditioner to shorten the product lifetime without you realizing it!

1.) Didn't replaced or cleaned the filters. To maintain the fresh air from the air conditioning you must at least replaced the new filters every 3 months. When the filters accumulate a lot of dust it can cause poor air flow or cause condensation to freeze. the dirty filters can increase 5% to 15% of your electricity bill and will shorten the product lifetime of your system.

2.) A non-programmable thermostat. When you have to open the air conditioner a whole day even when you're not there, the thermostat will be able to save your money in electricity bills. Why? because the thermostat will automatically increase the temperature during periods of time not in the room. Smart thermostats, controlled by mobile phones, are now more convenient. conditioner in your room.

3.) The temperature is set too low. Research has shown that the human body can quickly adjust to hot or cold temperatures in 1-2 weeks. Considering It will reduce electricity costs by up to 3% in every degree that increases the temperature. Therefore, the environmental benefits that may arise from reducing the use of electricity in the home air conditioner. It's even more cost-effective when the thermostat is set as high as it can be set. lem for the air

4.) Not taking full advantage of the fan. Any type of fan will help to allow cool air to circulate throughout the house. This will increase the air flow. And reduces the work of the air conditioner.

5.) The thermostat or vent is poorly positioned. If the light from the sun or there is a lamp near the thermostat. This can cause the thermostat readings to be wrong and cause abnormal air swirling from what it should be. Even if the room is cool but it may not be known that the air conditioning system is malfunctioning because the thermostat is in the wrong position. Or blocking vents there are furniture or curtains that restrict airflow. Is the cause of the air conditioner operating in an error as well conditioner easily getting demage. Be aware to check a small thing that can help you to prevent a huge prob

6.) Closing every air conditioner vents. If the air vents open every room in the house the weather is cool. But it would be a waste if the room was empty. So, check around and cover the vents inside the rooms where there are no people. The doors should be closed to make sure these the air cannot leak out.

7.) No curtains. The sunlight is harmful to the air conditioner cooling system. This can be fixed by closing the blinds or using sliding curtains to block out the sun's rays and heat. These errors are the cause that can wasted money from the consumption of the air conditioner. And also makes the air