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Star Link is recognized as an industry leader in providing maintenance and servicing for air conditioning systems and other related services to leading companies, office building and hotels. with over 20 years of professional experience.

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4 Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Is your air conditioner still working properly? Most of the time, the air conditioning will show the signal of problem before the system stops working so you can solve problems early. With the help of a professional team by Star Link Thailand that will help you to save money, time and prevent the hassle from damage to the whole system. Let's see what kind of warning signs there are. That may indicate a problem and need to be fixed.

1.) Air Conditioner blowing hot air. This is a warning sign that the compressor is broken. It can also indicate symptoms of refrigerant leak.

2.) Dripping or leaking water. Caused by a clogged tray or drain hose make the water produced by the air purification process it cannot be drained, thus overflowing and flowing back to become water that eventually drips from the air conditioner.

3.) The air conditioner is unusually loud while being turned on. The air conditioner is noisy because the indoor unit is worn out usually in the air conditioner there is a big fan that will wait. Acts suction - blowing air in the room. Inside the fan, there is a part called Fan bearings or Motor bearings if this piece is worn out or too dry out will make the air conditioner noisy while the air fan is working there.

4.) The air conditioner has a musty smell. Most of it is caused by the accumulation of mold in the machine that is a lot. This fungus arises fromr residual moisture inside the machine because the air conditioner cannot drain all the moisture out.

Knowing this always check your air conditioner regularly. And clean the air conditioner at least once a year to makes the air in the room fresh, does not accumulate dust, germs that may cause allergies. And has a negative effect on long-term health


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